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Welcome to our site!

This site provides a platform to teach and learn knowledge and skills, locally and internationally for your subjects. If you think you have a paticular knowledge or skill you can teach register as a teacher/tutor or if you want learn something search for appropriate tutors. Our Goal is to promote education, skill and knowledge transfer. You can teach and learn: academic, sports, dance, driving, meditation, music, languages and IT topics.

To Potential Teachers/Tutors

This site provides a platform for you to interact with your ideal students/tutees. Teach any skill and knowledge you have. You don’t need to have extreme qualifications you just need to be passionate about the subject you are teaching. We encourage public with a passion for a particular subject and a bit of time to join this website and earn money by doing what you enjoy.

To Potential Students/Tutees

If you are struggling with a subject or want to learn something new, this site is for you. Find a Teacher/Tutor that are passionate about what you want to learn. Learning a subject will open doors for you. You can get good grades in your academic subjects or learn something completely new.


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