About Us

Teacherlookup.com is a global platform that connects teachers and students.


Our vision is to promote skill transfer.


For our teachers, if you have a skill that you are passionate about, we encourage you to try teaching it to others and make some money along the way. You can use our platform to showcase your skills, connect with prospective students and build a successful teaching career.


For our students, we believe learning is a process that never stops. It can improve your thinking and open doors to opportunities in your professional and personal lives that you might have never thought possible. Age has nothing to do with acquiring a new skill.


Teacherlookup.com is committed to the learning process and our platform and services are designed to benefit teachers and students on this journey.


We provide topic notes to students for free on our website. These notes cover a variety of topics and are designed to quickly help students gain an understanding of core concepts with examples and practice questions.


Welcome to the global classroom!


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