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Online teaching and Internet platform has been trying to bring a radical change in the overall process of learning. The Pharmacy tutoring is one of the streams that’s is being explored by many of the online tutors to share their knowledge and help someone grow and learn and become what they meant to be. It’s been a smart way to utilize the available resource to best of the usage and get the best of the hands available with a convenience. It’s a win situation for both the online Pharmacy tutor and the student as tutor get an extra income while student get the best of the knowledge that too at a convenience.

How Can A Pharmacy Tutor Assist You In Career Building?

Just learning the basics of pharmacy is not enough to build a career. Pharmacy tutor will help you understand your career goals and show you the right direction.

Are Online Pharmacy Tutors Available To Match Our Time Schedules?

Teacherlookup is only an interface that connects students and teachers from around the world. You can fix the tuition timings in a manner that suits your tutor as well as you. You can interview different tutors in the subject and then pick the tutor that complies most to your needs.

How to Start off as a Student  at Teacherlookup?

This is an easy interface. You simply need to create a profile as a student and upload all facts regarding your subject. You will easily come across options for tutors in your subjects. The same applies for Pharmacy Tutors. Once they create a profile, they can find students easily.

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Waseem  Kaialy

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Waseem Kaialy

Male, Wolverhampton, UK

'Student First' as a key value...

Subject: F, Pharmacy, Science, Arabic
Qualification: PGCert, PhD
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