Definition of Area:

Area is the two dimensional measurement of surface of any geometrical figure. This geometrical figure can be two dimensional of three dimensional.

Explanation of Area:

Perimeter is one dimensional measurement of length while area is the two dimensional measurement of any surface which is the product of length and width.

While volume is three dimensional measurement found by calculating the product of length width and height in 3d plane. Now we can find out the area of different geometrical figures like circle, cylinder, Triangle, square, rectangle and trapezium.

Area of circle:

Area of circle can be calculated by using formula
    Circle Area = π × r2
    Circumference = 2 × π × r
    r = radius


Where r is radius 2  π is the angle of whole circle that is 360 degrees and when this whole length of circumference is multiplied by radius.

Area of rectangle:

Rectangle is a closed figure each two parallel sides are equal and parallel and every internal angles of rectangle are perpendicular to each other.

The area of rectangle can be calculated by finding the product of width and height.

    Rectangle Area = w × h
    w = width
    h = height

Area of trapezium:

Trapezium is a quadrilateral (four sided closed figure) that has two parallel sides. Area of trapezium can be measured by dividing it into two triangles and one rectangle.
Area of trapezium= area of rectangle + area of triangle
                                 =width * height + 1/2 (base*height)
                                 =bh + 1/2 (a-b)h

Area of square:

Square is a four sided closed figure that has four of its sides equal and every two sides parallel to each other. Every angle inside the square is right angle to each other.

Area of square can be calculated by finding the product of length and width simply as in a square length is equal to width so it is axis or a2  formula is

    Area of square= length*width
    .                      = a*a = a^2

Area of triangle:

Triangle is a three sided closed geometrical figure. The sum of all the three internal angles is 180.

Area of triangle can be calculated by calculating the half of product of base and height.
    Using formula
    Area of triangle= (1/2)*(base*height)
                         = (1/2)(ah)

Area of a cylinder:

Cylinder is a three dimensional figure that has two circular surfaces located by rectangular heighted surface rolled up.


To find the area of cylinder it is divided into three parts two circular surfaces and one surface that is unrolled to form a rectangle area can be calculated as
    Area    =2π r^2 +2πrh

Area of parallelogram:

Parallelogram is a geometrical figure or a quadrilateral which has two sides parallel each.


Area of parallelogram is calculated by product of base and height
    Area of parallelogram= base*height    = b*h

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