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Definition of bar chart:

  • A bar chart or bar graph is a graph that presents assembled information with rectangular bars with lengths corresponding to the qualities that they speak to.
  • The bars can be plotted vertically or horizontally.
  • A vertical bar chart which is vertical is called a Line graph.

Explanation of bar chart:

  • A bar chart is a graph that utilize either flat or vertical bars to show examinations among classes.
  • One axis of the chart shows the categories that have to be compared, and the other axis represents the values of these categories.
  • Some bar charts exhibit bars bunched in gatherings of more than one.

Usage of bar chart:

  • Bar diagrams are generally scaled so that every one of the information can fit on the graph.
  • Bar charts give a visual presentation of all out information. Categorical information is a gathering of information into discrete gatherings, for example, months of the year, age bunch, shoe sizes, and creatures. These classes are generally subjective.
  • In a column bar chart, the classes show up along the horizontal axis; the height of the bar compares to the estimation of every classification.

Grouped And Sacked Bar Chart:

  • Bar diagrams can also be utilized for more complex comparisons of information with group bar charts and stacked bar graphs.
  • In a group bar diagram, for each straight out gathering there are at least two bars. These bars are shading coded to speak to a specific gathering. For example, a businessman with two stores may make an assembled bar diagram with various hued bars to speak to every store: the horizontal axis would demonstrate the months of the year and the vertical axis would demonstrate the income.
  • The stacked bar graph stacks bars that speak to various gatherings on top of each other. The height of the subsequent bar demonstrates the joined result of the groups.

Bar Chart Examples:

Few bar chart examples are:




Bar Chart Futures

  • Bar chart is very helpful in stating the future of any market or any phenomenon going on right now.
  • It shows the increasing or decreasing states of the any market which is helpful for businessmen to show them whether they should invest in this market or not.

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