As you already know, everything on this planet has a structure and weight. This weight of everything depends highly on the mass of the object. What is this mass all about and how to calculate the mass of an object value? How do we get into consensus that the weight of a particular thing is a certain number? Before getting in into the calculations of mass of an object. Let us understand what is Mass?

  • Mass of a particular object is considered to be the fundamental property of that object. 
  • It is considered to be the numerical measure of a certain inertia. 
  • It is considered to be the basic measure of the total amount of matter that is situated in the object. 
  • Mass of an object is a fundamental quantity and this is very often hard to define. 
  • All the terms that involve mechanical quantities are defined in terms of length, mass and time. 
  • Space uses a mass as a big term for calculations. 
  • Mass has a usual symbol called the m and the standard unit of measurement is kilogram (kg)
  • The mass of an object has a specific feature. According to this feature, the property of an object doesn’t change. Expect the speeds that approach the speed of light should be considered to be the increase in relative mass. 

Let’s find out how to calculate mass of an object.

Mass means how much matter there inside an object. While matter is a thing that you can easily physically touch. Mass is generally related to size but this does not happen always.

For example: A balloon is bigger than a tennis ball but the balloon has less mass and the weight of the small ball is much higher than the big balloon.

When you learn how to calculate mass of an object, you will understand that it is simple use of a formula. The formula for the equation is as bellows: 

D= m/v

Here, D stands for density, 

So Mass = Volume x Density
Mass = 5000 cm x 400
Mass= 20,000

However the mass of an object remains same as per the acceleration of gravity. For example if the mass of an object is 20 kgs on earth then the weight of that object on moon will remain the same. However the weight will be 6th as much.

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