Distance Problems, also referred as Distance Word Problems or Uniform Rate Problems refers to a set of arithmetic problems in mathematics where you are required to find the distance that an object moving with at a uniform rate will cover in a given time. The rate at which an object is moving is called as the speed of an object. Speed tells us the distance covered by an object per unit time. Thus, when we say that an object is moving at a uniform rate, it means that it covers equal distances in equal intervals of time. 

Suppose we have a car moving at a uniform rate of 20 m/s, it means that it covers 20 m in every second. Thus, it will cover 20*2 = 40 m in 2 seconds, 20*3 = 60 m and so on. 

Distance Formula

The simple formula to calculate the distance covered by an object moving at a uniform rate or speed (s) in a given time (t) is given by: 

Distance Covered = Speed * Time = s * t 


Now that you know the formula for How to Solve Distance Problems, let us implement this formula in some distance word problems. However, before we proceed to solve distance word problems, it is important to pay attention to the units of the speed and time given in the problem. If the speed is given in m/s and time in hrs, you will need to convert time into seconds before applying the values to the given formula.

Suppose you have word problem as: Calculate the distance covered by a bus travelling at a uniform speed of 20 km/hr in 30 minutes.

Solution: Here the first thing that you need to look at is that the unit for time is different hr in the speed but minutes in the given time. Thus, the first thing you need to do is convert the given time into hours. 

60 minutes = 1 hr
1 min = 1/60 hr
30 min = 1/60 *30 hr = ½ hr

Distance covered = Speed * Time = 20 km/hr * ½ hr = 10 km 

Now that you know that How to Solve Distance Problems, you can use the distance formula to solve any types of arithmetic problems where you need to calculate the distance that an object traveling at a uniform speed would cover in a given time.   

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