Fractions in Mathematics are very interesting and important as well.  The concepts of fractions help you to understand various other topics in mathematics that are based on fractions, such as ratio and proportions. Before we try to figure out as How to Work Out Equivalent Fractions, let us recall fractions. A fraction in mathematics is a way of expressing a number that is not an integer or a whole number. A fraction consists of two numbers separated by a small line. One number is written on top of this line and is called numerator while the other number is written below this line and is called as denominator.

A fraction is in the form of  x/y

In this fraction, X is the numerator and Y is the denominator. 

What are Equivalent Fractions?

Before we learn, How to Work Out Equivalent Fractions, let is us first understand what equivalent fractions are. 
Equivalent Fractions are those fractions that may look different from each other but give the same result for quotient when the numerator is divided by the denominator. Let us understand this by an example.

If we have two fractions: 18/9  and 20/10  

In both the fractions, when we divide the numerator by the denominator, the quotient comes out to be 2. Thus, 18/9 and 20/10  are examples of equivalent fractions. We can find any number of equivalent fractions for a given fraction. Let us now learn how to find out equivalent fractions.

If you are given a fraction and you are required to find an equivalent fraction for the same, you can do that by two methods. 

Method 1: Multiply both the numerator and the denominator of the given fraction by a common number (other than 0)

Let us understand this by an example: Suppose we have a fraction, 20/10 . We can find an equivalent fraction multiplying its numerator and denominator by any number say 2. 
20/10 = 20*2/10*2  = 40/20 

Method 2: Divide both numerator and denominator of the given fraction by a common number (other than 0)


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