The mathematical term volume refers to the 3-dimensional space occupied by a solid object such as a cylinder, cube, sphere, cuboid etc. It is very easy to calculate the volume of simple regular objects as it requires simple arithmetic mathematics. There are well-defined formulas for each of the simple objects that can be obtained in a mathematics book with a chapter on volume. You can also find all the formulas for the volume of different objects on various online websites. Once you have the formula for calculating the volume of an object, you just need to put the values and do the simple arithmetic calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. If you want to know, How To Find The Volume Of A Cuboid, you would need to start with the formula for the volume of a cuboid. 

Calculating the volume of a Cuboid

A cuboid is a simple 3-dimensional object that is completely defined by its length, breadth and height. Once you know the values for the length, breadth and height of a cuboid, you just need to multiply the three values to find the value of the volume of a cuboid. 

Suppose we have a cuboid with the length of l meters, breadth of b meters and height of h meters. The formula for the

volume of a cuboid is:

Volume of a Cuboid = Length of the Cuboid * Breadth of the Cuboid * Height of the cuboid = l *b*h


If the length, breadth and height are expressed in meters, the unit of the volume will be cubic meters and if they are expressed in centimetres, the unit of the volume will be cubic centimetres. 

Now that you know the formula for the volume of a cuboid, you have nothing else to worry about ‘How To Find The Volume Of A Cuboid’. Just put the values of length, breadth and height into the formula and calculate the volume. 

Let us take the help of an example. Suppose you want to calculate the volume of your drawing room that is a cuboid with length =10m, breadth =8m and height =5m. The volume of the room will be given by:

Volume of the room (cuboid) = Length of the Room * Breadth of the Room * Height of the Room 
                                                          = 10m *8m * 5m =400 cubic meters (m3)

One thing that you need to be careful about while calculating the volume of a cuboid is that unit of the length, breadth and height must be same. All must be either in cm, m, inch or any other unit. You cannot multiply length in meters with breadth in centimetres. You must first convert them into the same unit and then put the values in the formula. 



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