When you go out to buy anything in the marketplace or a mall, you need to pay a certain amount of money to buy the desired commodity of service. You need to pay for everything in the form of money whether you are going for a dinner at a restaurant, want to pay the rent of your house, pay the fees of your school or have a coffee at the coffee shop. Thus, we all need the basic skill of counting money to be able to carry out transactions without any problem or mistake. If you make a mistake in counting money, it can be very costly. Thus, one of the very first things that we want from our children is ‘Learn to Count Money’. Counting money does not require any extra skills but simply the implementation of basic skills that you learn in primary lessons of mathematics. 

How to Count Money?

Counting money requires the basic learning of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of numbers. Counting money would be extremely simple if you remember mathematical tables at least till 10. 

Let us take a few examples to Learn to Count Money

Suppose you have two coins or notes with a value of 10 units and 20 units, the total money that you have can be simply obtained by adding the two values 10 and 20. Thus, you have 30 units of money. 
However, when you have a large number of currency notes or coins, it would take a lot of time if you just rely on addition. Here, you would need multiplication tables and your skills to multiply numbers. Suppose you have 20 currency notes with a value of 50 units each, the total money that you have is simply the multiplication of the number of currency notes and value of each note. Thus, in this case, you have total money with a value of 20*50 = 1000 units. 

Now, moving to a more general case where you may have two or more different currency notes with different values. Suppose you have two types of currency notes with a value of 10 units and 50 units each. Their numbers are 5 and 4 respectively. Here you would need both addition and multiplication to count the total money. 

5 Currency Notes of value 10 units each makes a total money = 5 *10 units = 50 units
4 Currency Notes of value 50 units each makes a total money = 4 * 50 units = 200 units

Total Money = (50 +200) units = 250 units


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