The most important thing that comes to your mind when we say geometry is shapes and sizes. You know about squares, rectangles and circles. These shapes have a certain area and volume. Geometry is all about looking for the area that is situated inside or on the border line of these shapes. It is important to know the volume or the size of the shape in order know what can fit inside such shapes. Today let’s learn how to calculate volume of a rectangle. It is important in your day to day life because you come across a lot of squares. 

What is a rectangle?

A rectangle can be termed as a flat shaped which has four sides. All these sides form a right angle at every corner. There are two opposite parallel lines which are of the same length. A rectangle is also termed as a parallelogram. 

Since a certain rectangle is made up of unequal parts, the measurements of the length, width and height are not equal. The length is longer than the width, depending on the physical appearance of the rectangle. You need to look for the three measurements of the rectangle before finding out the volume. 

Learning how to calculate volume of a rectangle

It is simple to understand how to calculate the volume of a rectangular shape. If you know the length, width and height of the shape then it is an easy task. To learn how to calculate volume of a rectangle shape you need to know these measurements. The area of the base is found by multiplying the length by the width of the rectangle. The height is the distance between the two long parallel lines while the width defines the broadness of the rectangle. 

Following is the step by step procedure of how to calculate volume of a rectangle:

  • Find the length, width and height of the rectangle. 
  • Multiply the length, width and height

Let’s explain this with the help examples:
Example One: A rectangle has the following measurements: 
Length: 10cm
Width: 5cm 
Height: 2cm
Volume of the rectangle= Length x Width x Height
10 x 5 x 2= 30 cm^3

Example Two: There is a rectangular water tank situated in the aquarium, you need to find out the volume of this water tank. The water tank has the following specifications;

Length: 100 cm
Width: 30 cm
Height: 70 cm
Volume of the water tank= Length x Width x Height
100 x 30 x 70= 2100 cm^3


Get vast understanding of the same in the following video



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