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“History is not a burden on the memory but an illumination of the soul.”- Lord Acton. If you share the same joy of History as Mr. Acton then we are happy to welcome you here! History is one of the most boring and possibly unloved subject amongst today’s youth. There is a need to have teachers hat breathe life into history and making it interesting and worth embracing again! Hence, we have listed history tutor jobs where we are looking for true history enthusiasts like you.


Usual online listings look for expert and qualified history teachers that know various period of historical events inside out. At TeacherLookUp, we are instead inviting people who are passionate about history to become teachers. You necessarily not be holding a history degree or certificate. You must have correct factual knowledge of history and be willing to share it with our students. Our listing of online history teacher jobs are actually to cater to needs of today’s generation to love history again.


What could you typically teach in history?


You could teach any part of history that you feel passionate about. From Egyptian civilization to civil wars to freedom movements of various nations to a specific figure in history. It could be anything! As an online history tutor with us you need to have right knowledge of events and urge to share this with young kids. However, here are some aspects you could look at:

  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient India
  • Ancient Rome
  • Revolutions
  • Growth of democracies
  • Religious histories
  • People- kings, monarchs, rulers, minister, etc
  • Places: Palestine, India, China, etc
  • Civil wars
  • Great depression
  • Freedom fights


What do you need to start teaching history with us?

  • One thing that our students expect from history tutors is complete knowledge and not just a syllabus based approach.
  • Unlike other history tutoring jobs you don’t need a degree or certificate, but you need steady online internet access to have a smooth lecture.
  • Dedicated few hours a week, so that you students can be in touch with what’s being taught.
  • Be your chivalrous history lover best!


Why become an online history teacher with TeacherLookUp

We are different from other history teacher jobs. We give liberty to the teacher and students to choose what they wish to learn and what approach to take. Our payouts are regular and we have steady flow of students who trust our teachers, so you will always find enough hours to make extra money. 


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