In mathematics there are a lots units that are used to measure and then carry out summations in order to come to a conclusion and to derive that answer. Every shape, size and article in geometry is calculated in units. These units talk about the weight and mass that the object is all about. Units of measurements are very important to have calculations in place. Units of measurements give a sense of meaning and fulfilment to a particular shape and this it helps in measuring few things. 

What are Units of measurements?

This is followed by the International Systems of Units. It is also termed as SI. It is a term through which quantity of a particular thing is announced. You have units in kilograms, grams, centimetres, metres, kilometres, litres, millilitres, etc that device quantity of a particular product. Units of measurements are standardized which means that they follow a standard way to measure 1. Units of measurements are usually written in their abbreviation format. 

Conversion of units of measurements.

In mathematics is important to learn how to convert units of measurements. This helps to solve not only problems but by learning how to convert various units of measurements helps in day to day problem solving equation. So let’s learn how to convert units of measurements. Following are the things that you need to remember before converting the units.

You can easily convert units and then accurately place them with the help of one simple rule: You need to multiply the old measurement by a carefully chosen form of the number 1.

Let us explain this by providing an example. If your car is moving at 50 km an hour, will you consider it be faster or slower than 50 ft per second. All you need to do is convert your kilometres into feet. 

Now, let’s convert 4km to metres. So remember the conversion rates.

1000 metres= 1km

First write the conversion as a fraction


Cancel all the numbers that are placed on the top and bottom

Write the fraction the equals to 1
1000m/ 1km= 1

So now safely use the formula km/1000mx1

After cancellation it comes to 4000 metres. So you know and learnt how to convert units of measurement when things get harder you will know what to do!

And the trick is to know that you will cancel so that you write the conversion in the correct way.



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