Most of the terms that we study in mathematics are very useful in our day to day lives. Some of these terms such as area, profit and loss, discounts, angles etc are part of our day to day lives and thus it is important to have a good understanding of these terms. An area is a commonly used to refer to the amount of space of a park or a ground and we know that larger space, more will be its area. So, what exactly does area refer to? Does the meaning of area in mathematics differ from what we understand in real life? What is area in Maths?  Let us try to find out the answers to all these questions. 

What is area in Maths?

Area refers to the amount of space occupied by a two- dimensional figure such as a square, rectangle and surface. The area is calculated by the multiplication of two linear values measured in meters (in MKS system) and centimetres (in CGS system). Thus, the unit of area is square meter or square centimetre in MKS and CGS system respectively. 

One unit of area is defined as the area of a square with each side measuring unity. If we have a square with sides of 1m each, its area will be equal to 1 square meter (1 m2). Thus if we have a circle with an area of 10 square meters, it means that it occupies an area equivalent to that occupied by 10 squares with sides of 1m each. 

An area is a calculated for a two-dimensional figure but it does not necessarily be a plane. However, the area can also be calculated for the surface of a three-dimensional object as the surface is a two-dimensional quantity. For example, a sphere such as a football is a three-dimensional object but we can calculate the area of its outer surface. This type of area is referred as Surface Area. The unit of surface area is same as area. 

Now that we have understood what is area in Maths, let us look at some of the areas where we can use our understanding of the area in real life. Suppose you want to paint a wall, you would need to calculate the area of the wall to determine the amount of paint that will be required. Similarly, if you want to lay tiles on the floor of a room, you would need to divide the total area of the floor by the total area of a tile to determine the number of tiles that will be required to cover the complete floor. Similarly, you can find hundreds of applications for areas in real life. 

Note: There are specific formulas and methods to calculate area and surface area for a given object.

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