When we think of pyramids, the first thing that comes to our mind is the pyramids of Egypt. Pyramids are well defined regular structures such as a cone, sphere, cylinder etc. Thus, it is easier to analyze the various aspects of a pyramid if you understand its geometrical structure. A pyramid, in general, refers to a 3-dimensional or a solid structure with a polygonal base at the bottom and triangular faces on sides converging at a common point on the top. There can be various types of pyramids depending on the number of triangular faces and the shape of these triangular faces. 

The volume of a pyramid is given by:

Volume of a Pyramid = 1/3 * (Area of the base of Pyramid * Height of the Pyramid)


A Triangular Pyramid is a special type of pyramid that has a rectangular base and three rectangular faces converging at a point on top. Since the base of such a pyramid is always a triangle, it is called as a triangular pyramid. 
How to Find Volume of Triangular Pyramid

Before we move forward to understand, How to Find Volume of Triangular Pyramid, it is important to understand the meaning of height, base, apex and faces in a triangular pyramid. The base refers to the bottom surface of a triangular pyramid on which it stands or makes contact with the ground. It is always a polygon in the case of a general pyramid and triangular in the case of a triangular pyramid. The faces of a pyramid refer to the 2-dimensional triangular surfaces on the sides of a pyramid. There number of faces in a pyramid is always equal to the number of sides in the polygonal base. Thus, there are three triangular faces for triangular pyramid as it has a triangle at its base with three sides. The point on the top of a pyramid where all its triangular faces converge is called as the apex. The vertical distance or the shortest distance from the base of the pyramid to the apex of the pyramid is called as the height of a pyramid. Now that you understand the terms and structure of a triangular pyramid, lets us understand ‘How to Find Volume of Triangular Pyramid’.

Volume of a Triangular Pyramid = 1/3 * (Area of the base * Height of the Pyramid)

Suppose we have a triangular pyramid with an area of the base = 60 m2 and height of 10m, its volume will be calculated as:

Volume = (1/3 * 60 m2* 10 m) = 200 m3


There can be two types of triangular pyramid – regular and non-regular triangular pyramid. A regular triangular pyramid forms an equilateral triangle at its base. A non-regular triangular pyramid has a triangle with unequal sides at its base.  


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