Definition of ratio:

Ratio is a comparison of two numbers /quantities. By ratio definition, it is representing a part of something out of total quantity which is represented as a number out of any other number.

Explanation of ratio:

If we divide anything into some equal parts, for example, it is divided into two parts we can compare each part to the total quantity like one out of two it is ratio 1:2 or 3:4 if we divide it into four parts and compare three of it with total four. Ratio tells us simplest relation in terms of numbers. It is used for the exact estimation of some quantity in comparison. The quantity or number which is compared may be equal to greater than or less than other number or quantity. In simple word ratio is used for comparison of two numbers. The sign ratio (:) used for ratio is equivalent to division sign in mathematics.

Examples of ratio:

1:2     =    1/2
5:10    =    1/2
15:30=    1/2
55:11=    5:1

What is Proportion?

Definition of proportion:

Proportion is the comparison of two ratios that relate to the sign of equality. Ratio analysis is done by using proportions.

Explanation of proportion:

Proportion is used for ratio analysis this means in proportion two ratios are compared and checked for whether they are equal or not. The first number of first ratio that is the numerator of first ratio and the denominator of the second ratio on the other side of equality are called extreme values while central two values are called mean values. Proportion can also be calculated by finding the product of extremes taken equal to product of the means. 

Examples of proportion:
1 : 2 ::  50 : 100

In the above proportion ( : ) sign is representing proportion which is equivalent to the equality sign = in mathematics 1 and 100 are the extreme values while 2 and 50 are mean values, hence (1)(100)=(2)(50) or it can also be used to find numbers unknown in two ratios or in any of them.

For example      2x: 5=5:8
                           2x = (5/8)*5.       

Access the link below for Ratio and Proportion worksheets:

Download Free Ratio Formula PDF



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